Land Remediation

The Government’s ‘Fixing our broken housing market’ white paper highlights the need to make more land available for homes in the right places, including: maximising the contribution from brownfield sites. As a consequence of heavy industrial use, many sites contain ‘polluted and contaminated’ soil that requires treatment to ensure it is clean and safe for any future development.

With a wealth of ‘earthworks’ and ‘value engineering’ experience, our team is well positioned to provide tailored ‘remediation solutions’ to help clients release the potential in their brownfield site.

Our land remediation solutions, include: soil excavation, treatment and reinstatement into the scheme or disposal off-site; installation of a capping layer to block the pathway with a physical layer; through to the reuse of demolition, construction and excavation waste and soil stabilisation.

We offer a ‘fully-compliant’ service that meets the latest construction and environmental legislation standards, reduces risk and provides cost savings.