Winter weather forecast: heavy wet conditions replaced by persistent drought

Following a winter of continual rain and flooding, construction managers and operatives will be able to ditch their safety wellies for safety boots as site conditions become drought-like.

New research published by the Met Office has revealed there is an ‘increased risk’ of unprecedented rainfall: similar to that witnessed during the winter of 2013/14.

Since then, a number of heavy rainfall events and severe gales have battered parts of the UK causing substantial flooding.

To get a better understanding of the increased risk of extreme rainfall in the future, Met Office researchers used forecast models and data from the period 1981-2015 to simulate thousands of possible scenarios.

Calculated using a new supercomputer, the results revealed a 1 in 3 chance of the record-breaking weather of 2014 occurring again across many regions of England and Wales, over the coming decade.

This will undoubtedly mean far more construction sites are saturated with rain water, resulting in unworkable material, big delays and increased project costs.

By engaging with us at an early stage of the project, our team will survey the site’s condition and establish an appropriate soil stabilisation solution to create a stable environment.

The addition of a binder, such as lime, to the host material will reduce the moisture content turning a waterlogged and unsuitable material into a valid construction material. It also reduces the need for additional spoil to be removed off-site and supplementary stone imported in. This not only saves money and time, but environmental benefits are realised through the reduction in lorry movements.

And, to improve the environmental performance further, we are trialling a new innovative stabilisation product that will reduce CO2 emissions, over traditional cement and lime solutions, by up to 95%.

So, if you’d like to work with a civil engineering and groundworks specialist who will help turn your site forecast from a winter of discontent into the summer of love, fill out the contact form below or call us on 0121 554 2108 to talk with one of our experts.


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