Construction drones – taking surveying to new heights

Businesses looking to realise greater productivity, drive efficiency and reduce risk across their service offering should embrace drone technology, according to a study carried out by PwC.

The research analysed the impact drone technology could have across all industries, including the construction sector, and outlines the effects it will have on the UK economy.

It found that drone adoption could be worth as much as £3.5bn in cost savings across the construction and manufacturing sectors by 2030 and help increase productivity by 3.1%.

Drones are already being used today by the construction industry to accelerate the processes of mapping out construction sites and to gather three-dimensional data. Over traditional surveying methods, the operation of a drone can provide ground modelling engineers with significant benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency – a site survey can be 400 times quicker
  • Reduced costs – cost savings of c.40%
  • Survey grade accuracy
  • Enhanced data set – improved photographic visualisation in 2D and 3D

And we are already benefiting from some of these savings first hand. A recent trial in the use of UAV (Drone) technology, to survey large complex sites, has delivered significant time savings for our ground modelling team.

The flight was undertaken to capture survey grade photogrammetry. Collecting the data from the sky reduced the amount of time spent retrieving the information from weeks to just a couple of days.

Having more time to analyse and manipulate the data collected by a drone, means that our engineers are able to provide greater cost and efficiency savings, resulting in best value for our client.

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