Why the ‘landfill tax’ doesn’t need to be taxing

The ever increasing cost to ‘dispose of construction waste’ has reached an all-time high, placing additional pressures on building projects’ costs that are already being squeezed from a rise in materials and labour.

Construction companies are also facing pressure from the Government to drive down ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ in the built environment by 50% by 2025.

By engaging with us at the start ‘through early contractor involvement (ECI)’, we can provide an optimised earthworks solution that significantly reduces project costs, improves efficiency and has a positive effect on the environment.

Our dedicated earthworks engineers are equipped with state-of-the-art surveying equipment and can carry out a topographical survey to map out the contours of the construction site.

The use of 3D modelling software enables us to produce alternative earthworks modelling designs that maximise the quantity of excavated material retained on site, significantly reducing the amount of off-site disposal. As a consequence, health and safety and environmental benefits are also achieved through a reduction in lorry movements to and from the site.

A good example is at Bellway Homes’ Hanwell View housing development in Banbury. Our £25m civil engineering contract is for the formation of 512 foundation bases, 3.3km of new adoptable roads and 840m off site sewer connections.

The main challenge was the construction of a 68,000m3 engineered acoustic bund to protect the new housing development from the noise of the nearby M40 Motorway. The bund would run immediately adjacent to the motorway.

We value engineered site-won material – that would otherwise have been destined for a landfill site – back into the scheme. By adopting this approach, we were able to maximise the quantity of materials retained on site and reduce lorry movements: delivering imported material to site and transporting waste to a landfill.

UAV (Drone) technology survey trial

A recent trial in the use of UAV (Drone) technology, to survey large complex sites, has delivered significant time savings.

The flight was undertaken to capture survey grade photogrammetry. Collecting the data from the sky reduced the amount of time spent retrieving the information from weeks to just a couple of days.

The saving has now provided our team with more time to process and analyse the data, ensuring even greater cost and efficiency savings.

To find out how we can provide you with an earthworks solution that takes the burden out of the Landfill Tax, click here and send us your details or call us on 0121 554 2108 to talk with one of our experts.


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